Advanced Program

April 21 (Fri.)

Room A

9:30-12:00  FA1: Interconnection Technologies (1)

Chairperson: E. J. Vardaman (TechSearch International)
                 A. Okuno (Japan REC Co., Ltd.)

  1. Reversible Interconnection between Gold Wire and Silver Plating on Copper Alloy Substrate
       M. Onodera, T. Suga
       The University of Tokyo / Japan
  2. A Low Cost Electroless Process for Wafer Level CSP and ROL
       E. Zakel, T. Teutsch, P. Kasulke
       Pac Tech GmbH / Germany
  3. Effect of Underfill and Die Geometry on Thermal Shock and Moisture Resistance Test Performance for Flip Chip PBGA
       T-K. Hwa, Y-W. Huang, K-L. Chua, T-B. Lim
       Institute of Microelectronics / Singapore
  4. Wire Bond Strength on Au/Ni Plated Printed Circuit Boards
       J-K. Kim, M. P. L. Cheng, B. P. L. Au*
       Hong Kong University, *ASM Assembly Automation Ltd. / Hong Kong
  5. Pre-wirebond and BGA Plasma Cleaning for Maximizing Yield
       R. Nickerson
       Advanced Surface Technology, Inc. / U.S.A.
  6. Low Cost Fluxless Soldering Process using Liquid Alcohol
       T. Nishikawa
       Hitachi, Ltd. / Japan
12:00 -- 13:00  Lunch Time

13:00 -- 15:05  FA2: ACF/ACP and Underfill

Chairperson: C. R. S. Needes (Dupont Microcircuit Materials)
                 I. Watanabe (Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.)

  1. Development of High density Flip Chip on Flex Process Using Anisotropically Conductive Adhesives
       J. Maattanen, P. Palm, A. Tuominen*
       Elcoteq Network Corporation, *Tampere University of Technology / Finland
  2. Anisotropically Conductive Adhesives Based on Micro-Metallurgical Bonding
       M. J. Holloway, M. Ward, J. Kivilahti*, M. Vuorela*, S. Fuchs**, F. Stam**
       Loctite R&D, **NMRC / Ireland, *Helsinki University of Technology / Finland
  3. Development of Reworkable Underfills for Flipchip
       L. Crane, A. Torres, E. Yasger, R. W. Johnson*
       Loctite Corporation, *Auburn University / U.S.A.
  4. Compression Flow-Able Underfill(NCP) for Flip-Chip Applications
       O. Suzuki, H. Yoshii, K. Suzuki
       NAMICS Corporation / Japan
  5. Secondary Underfill for CSP Reliability
       A. J. Babiarz
       Asymtek Marketing Communications / U.S.A.
15:05 -- 15:25  Coffee Brake

15:25 -- 17:55  FA3: Interconnection Technologies (2)

Chairperson: E. Zakel (PacTech GmbH)
                 K. Yamamura (Sharp Corporation)

  1. Shape Evolution of Electrodeposited Bumps with Additive Ⅱ- Center Humped Bumps
       K. Kondo, M. Eguchi, Z. Tanaka
       University of Okayama / Japan
  2. Advantage of Silver Plating on Printed Circuit Board for CSP/BGA Assembly
       S. Saito, J. Baker
       Cookson ELECTRONICS PC fablication / Japan
  3. Development of Tin-Capped C4 Solder Bumped Flip Chip Assembly Process on Flex Cable
       H. Mori
       IBM Japan, Ltd. / Japan
  4. Development of Chip on Paste Technology
       K. Toriyama
       IBM Japan, Ltd. / Japan
  5. Development of Low Cost Flip Chip Technologies
       Y. Orii
       IBM Japan, Ltd. / Japan
  6. Improvement of Solder Ball Joint Reliability and Its Practical Application in BGA Packages
       T. Ogashiwa, T. Arikawa, M. Watanabe*, K. Ano*, A. Inoue**
       Tanaka Denshi Kogyo K.K., *Texas Instruments Japan Ltd., **Tohoku University / Japan

Room B

9:30 -- 12:00  FB1: Thermal Management

Chairperson: A. J. Babiarz (Asymtek Marketing Communications)
                 S. Kitajo (NEC Corporation)

  1. Modeling of Heat Dissipation from Modules and Printed Wiring Boards (Session Invited)
       W. Nakayama, N. Yoneda*
       ThermTech International, *Hitachi, Ltd. / Japan
  2. Thermal Performance of LTCC and Ceramic Materials
       D. I. Amey, M. Y. Keating*, M. A. Smith**, S. J. Horowitz**, C. R. S. Needes**
       DuPont Microcircuit Materials, *DuPont Central Research & Development, **DuPont Microcircuit Materials / U.S.A.
  3. Optimization of System Fan Placement
       D. G. Wang
       NCR Corp. / U.S.A.
  4. Heatsink Enhancement Using Integral Heatpipe
       D. Copeland
       Showa Aluminum Corporation / Japan
  5. Thermal Evaluation and Modelling of MEMS Packages
       M. Rencz, V. Szekely*, Zs. Kohari*, B. Courtois**
       Micred Ltd, *Technical University Budapest / Hungary, **TIMA Laboratory / France
  6. Lead-Free Solder Alloys for IGBT Power Modules: Thermal Fatigue Resistance Evaluation of the Die Attach
       J-M. Thebaud, E. Woirgard, C. Zardini, K. H. Sommer*
       Universite Bordeaux 1 / France, *formerly with EUPEC / Germany
12:00 -- 13:00  Lunch Time

13:00--15:05  FB2: High Frequency Packaging

Chairperson: H. Tomimuro (NTT Electronics Corporation)
                 H. Sawai (Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.)

  1. Radio Frequency Packaging (Session Invited)
       S-K. Chiang
       Prismark Partners LLC / U.S.A.
  2. Fine Line Electrode for RF Circuits on the Glass-Ceramic Substrate
       K. Hayashi
       TDK Corporation / Japan
  3. Green Tape(TM) LTCC Materials, Cost Effective Solutions for High Density Interconnect and RF Modules
       C. R. S. Needes, D. I. Amey, S. J. Horowitz
       DuPont Microcircuit Materials / U.S.A.
  4. Development of Material for Multilayer Ceramic Substrate with Copper Wirnig in Millimeter Wave Applications
       Y. Terashi
       Kyocera Corporation / Japan
  5. Antenna Integrated Millimeter Wave Transmission Module Technology
       N. Sakota, N. Kakimoto, K. Kitaoka, K. Yamamura, T. Nukii, A. Yamada, E. Suematsu
       Sharp Corporation / Japan
15:05 -- 15:25  Coffee Brake

15:25 -- 17:55  FB3: High Performance Design

Chairperson: M. Rencz (Micred Ltd.)
                 H. Shigi (Hitach, Ltd.)

  1. Power-Distribution-Plane Analysis for Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards with SPICE
       T. Harada, K. Asao, H. Sasaki, Y. Kami*
       NEC Corporation, *The University of Electro-communications / Japan
  2. A Study of PBGA Design for Multi-power Supply, Considering Compatibility with Applications
       K. Yonehara
       IBM Japan, Ltd. / Japan
  3. Variation of Contact Resistance of Contacts Mounted on Printed Circuit Board Due to Thermal Deformation Observed by Holographic Technology
       M. Taniguchi, T. Takagi*
       Meijo University, *Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University / Japan
  4. PCBs Design Method for EMI Suppression using Simulation and Measurement of Power/Ground Plane Transmission Characteristic
       T. Taura
       NEC Corporation / Japan
  5. Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) & Thermal Analysis of Heat Sinks for High Performance Packaging Applications
       M. K. Iyer, P. Qu, P. D. Nath, I. Rasiah*
       Institute of Microelectronics (IME), *Johnson Matthey (Singapore) / Singapore
  6. Thermo-mechanical Analysis for Plasma Display Panel
       M. Lee
       LGE / Korea