Advanced Program

April 20 (Thu.)

Room A

9:30 -- 12:00  TA1: Pb-free Solders and Soldering

Chairperson: J. Simon (FhG-IZM)
                 H. Fujioka (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)

  1. Elastic Modulus and Poisson Ratio Tin-based Solders with Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Method
       H. Tanaka, L. F. Qun*, O. Munekata**, T. Taguchi**, T. Narita*
       Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute, *Hokkaido University, **Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd. / Japan
  2. Kinetics in Sn-Ag Solder/IMC/Metallization Joint During Thermal Aging
       J. G. Duh, C. S. Huang, Y. G. Lee
       National Tsing Hua University / Taiwan
  3. Phase Equilibria and Thermodynamic Properties of Sn-Ag Based Pb-free Solder Allovs
       I. Ohnuma, X. J. Liu, H. Ohtani, K. Ishida
       Tohoku University / Japan
  4. Characteristics of Sn-Ag-Cu Solder and Interfacial Structyre of Solder/Metallization
       T. Shono
       Fujitsu Ltd. / Japan
  5. 5. Joint Reliability of BGA with Pb Free Solder Bumps
       K. Imamura
       Fujitsu Ltd. / Japan
  6. Ag-Sn Solder Bump using 2-step Plating Process
       M. Miyata
       Toshiba Corporation / Japan
12:00 -- 13:00  Lunch Time

13:00 -- 15:05  TA2: Materials & Components

Chairperson: C. Huang (Electro-Science Laboratories, Inc.)
                 I. Kaneko (Musashi Institute of Technology)

  1. New Founctional Devices Using by Compound Oxide Semiconductors
       O. Abe, Y. Taketa
       Nihon University / Japan
  2. Applications of Newly Developed Positive Photosensitive Block Co-polyimides to CSP
       S. Matsumoto
       PI R&D Co., Ltd. / Japan
  3. Development of Polyfumarates as Low Dielectric Materials for High Frequency Band
       M. Takei
       Nippon Oil & Fats Corporation / Japan
  4. Chayacteristics of RuO2/CB UV Resin System Thick Film Resistors
       K. Aoki, A. Zaki , I. Kaneko
       Musashi Institute of Technology / Japan
  5. Electrical Properties of Ru-Based Resistors Buried in the Low Temperature Cofirable Ceramic Substrates
       S-L. Fu, C-S. Hsi
       I-Shou University / Taiwan, R. O. C.
15:05 -- 15:25  Coffee Brake

15:25 -- 17:30  TA3: Trends

Chairperson: S. Denda (CQ Publishing Co., Ltd.)
                 Y. Takahashi (Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.)

  1. System-on-a-Package (SOP) Research and Education at the Georgia Institute of Technology Packaging Research Center (Session Invited)
       R. Tummala
       Georgia Institute of Technology / U.S.A.
  2. Outsourcing Software Development for Assembly and Packaging Manufacturing
       K. K. Verma
       BCA International / U.S.A.
  3. Wafer Level Packaging: A New Market Trend for CSPs
       E. J. Vardaman
       TechSearch International / U.S.A.
  4. Patenting for Packaging and Interconnections in Microelectronics
       J. Happonen, K. Maattanen*, A. Tuominen**
       Nokia Mobile Phones Ltd., *Nokia Didplay Products, **Tempere University of Technology / Finland
  5. Packaging MEMS, The Great Challenge of the 21st Century (Session Invited)
       C. E. Bauer
       TechLead Corporation / U.S.A.

Room B

9:30 -- 12:00  TB1: Substrates (1)

Chairperson: M. K. Iyer (Institute of Microelectronics)
                 S. Uegaki (Kyocera Corporation)

  1. Fine Via Pattern Formation by Resolution Enhancement Lithography Assisted by Chemical Shrink
       T. Toyoshima
       Mitsubishi Electric Corporation / Japan
  2. Build Up Substrate Consisting of Filled Vias
       S. Koyama
       Shinko Electric Industrial / Japan
  3. Organic Multi Layered Substrate Having Similar Construction to Ceramic M.L.S.
       K. Hayashi
       Kyocera Corporation / Japan
  4. Roll to Roll Processing of New Chemical Etching Solution for Polyimide Film
       M. Akita, T. Urashima
       Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. / Japan
  5. The Adhesion of Copper on Reinforced Core Material Using Sputtered Interface Metallic Layers
       P. Jalonen, A. Tuominen, E. Ristolainen
       Tampere University of Technology / Finland
  6. Alternatives to HASL Processes
       K. Y. N. Joseph
       Alpha PC Fab of Cookson Electronics Division / Hong Kong
12:00 -- 13:00  Lunch Time

13:00 -- 15:05  TB2: Optoelectronics Technologies

Chairperson: R. J. Ross (RJR Polymers Inc.)
                 Y. Ando (NTT Corporation)

  1. The Status and Future of Optical Packaging Technology (Session Invited)
       O. Mikami
       Tokai University / Japan
  2. Optical Packaging for Parallel Optical Interconnect Module (ParaBIT-1)
       M. Usui, N. Sato, A. Ohki, N. Matsuura, K. Enbutsu, M. Amano, M. Hikita, K. Katsura, Y. Ando
       NTT Corporation / Japan
  3. An Optical Right-angle-turn Connector in a New Packaging Configuration using an Optical Fiber Wiring Board with an "Aperture" for Optical-I/O Interface Multichip Modules
       S. Koike, Y. Kawajiri, Y. Ishii, Y. Arai, Y. Ando
       NTT Corporation / Japan
  4. Unique LED Dot Matrix Module by VPES(R) (Vacuum Printing Encapsulation System) and High Reliability Transparent Liquid Epoxy Resin
       A. Okuno, N. Oyama, Y. Miyawaki
       JAPAN REC Co., Ltd. / Japan
  5. Polymer-Jetted and Polymer-Dispensed Microlenses for Optical Interconnects
       Y. Ishii, S. Koike, Y. Arai, Y. Audo
       NTT Corporation / Japan
15:05 -- 15:25  Coffee Brake

15:25 -- 17:55  TB3: Substrates (2)

Chairperson: A. Tuominen (Tampere University of Technology)
                 K. Hayashi (TDK Corporation)

  1. Investigation of Materials of Advanced ALIVH Substrate for High Frequency Application
       S. Kokufu
       Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. / Japan
  2. Next Generation ALIVH(R) Substrate for Bare Chip Mounting
       S. Ochi
       Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. / Japan
  3. Transmission Characteristics of ALIVH-FB Substrate
       N. Okazaki
       Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. / Japan
  4. Highly Heat-Resistant Laminate(BN300) and Its Application for Packaging Substrates
       K. Hirota
       Mitsui Chemicals Inc. / Japan
  5. High-density, Fine-pitch Multilayer Technology for Ultra-high-pin-count Packages
       K. Kikuchi, T. Shimoto, K. Matsui
       NEC Corporation / Japan
  6. High Density PWB by the B2itTM+Laser Technique
       Y. Yamamoto
       Toshiba Corporation / Japan

18:20 -- 19:50  International Party