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April 13 (Wed.)

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WA1: Flip-chip

1. Flip Chip Solder Bumping by Newly Developed Ball Mounting Method
K. Sato, Hitachi Metals (Japan)
2. Advanced Non Conductive Paste for Lead Free Packages
S. Kawamoto, Namics (Japan)
3. Novel Conductive Adhesive for Bumpless Flip Chip Attach
H. J. Neuhaus, Scimaxx Solutions (USA)
4. Impact of Wet Processes on Corrosion of Lead-rich Solder Bumps
M. Uchida, K. Higuchi, T. Togasaki, H. Takahashi, S. Kawano, M. Miyata, K. Nagamine, H. Ezawa, Toshiba (Japan)
5. Deformation of Conductive Particles and Contact Resistance of Flip Chip Joining Using Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive
L. Cao, Z. Cheng, Z. Lai, Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), J. Liu, Shanghai University (China)

WB1: Reliability I

1. Failure Analysis of Electrical Over-Stress(EOS) in Deep Sub-micro IC Devices
C.-C. Cheng, I-Shou University, IKANOS Communications, R. Aspacio, IKANOS Communications, Y.-J. Huang, S-L. Fu, I-Shou University (Taiwan)
2. Reliability of SMD Joints Soldered by SnAgCuxIn Pb-free Solders
T. Nakatsuka, Hitachi (Japan)
3. Optimization of resolution cycle time in customers handsets
A. Mwegerano, P. Kytosaho, Nokia Mobile Phones
A. Tuominen, University of Turku (Finland)
4. The Reliability of Fine Pitch and Low Temperature Solder Joints Formed Using In and Sn Solder Bumps and Non-conductive Adhesive
S.-M. Cheung, Z. Chen, Y.-H. Kim, Hanyang University (Korea)
5. Effect of Drop Impact on an Insulin Pump
B. Ma, Institute of Microsystems Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China)

Lunch Time

Welcome Speech

Awarding Ceremony
(ICEP 2004)

Invited Speeches

1. IMAPS and the Evolving Electronics Industry
Dr. B. M. Romenesko, President, IMAPS North America (USA)
2. Overview of Electronic Packaging Technology in Korea
Prof. J. Yu, President, IMAPS Korea (Korea)
3. SOP vs. SIP vs. SOC for Digital Convergence
Prof. R. R. Tummala, Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)
4. Multilayer Thin Film Technology - Enabling Technology for SiP and "above-IC" Heterogenous SOC Solutions
Dr. E. Beyne, IMEC (Belgium)
5. The packaging, 10 years from now
Dr. Y. Tsukada, Kyocera SLC Technologies (Japan)


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