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1. Bonding Processes and Mechanisms for Ionic and Piezoelectric Wafers
M. Howlader, T. Suga, University of Tokyo (Japan)
2. Direct Patterning by Ink-jet Printing Using Nano Paste
H. Saito, M. Ueda, Y. Matsuba, K. Oyama, Harima Chemicals (Japan)
3. All-wet Chemical Patterning of Copper Circuit on Flexible Polymide Substrate
S. Ikeda, K. Akamatsu, H. Nawafune, Konan University, H. Yanagimoto, Mitsuboshi Belting (Japan)
4. Fine Pitch Micro-bumps and Micro-wires Patterned by Super Inkjet Technology
K. Murata, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan)

FB1: High Speed / EMC Boards Design

1. Novel Differential Via Transitions for High-Speed Printed Circuit Boards
T. Kushta, K. Narita, NEC, T. Kaneko, S. Ogou, NEC Electronics (Japan)
2. Design Impact on Signal Integrity for High Density Organic Substrate
G. Yamada, H. Mori, Y. Yamaji, S. Suminaga, IBM Japan, M. Shiroshita, Kyocera SLC Technologies (Japan)
3. High-speed Signaling Interconnects using Flat-surface and Low-dielectric-loss Resin
A. Morimoto, M. Sugimura, A. Kawate, M. Kawasaki, Y. Wakizaka, T. Ohmi, Tohoku University (Japan)
4. Analysis of signal transmission on PCB with Partially Low Conductive Power/Ground Planes
H. Kikuchi, NEC Toppan Circuit Solutions (Japan)


FA2: Simulation

1. Development of High-speed Thermal Management Method for Electronic Package with Heat Spreader
S. Hayashi, Osaka University (Japan)
2. Drop Impact Life Prediction Model for Lead-free BGA Packages and Modules
J. Luan, T.Y. Tee, K.Y. Goh, H.S. Ng, STMicroelectronics (Singapore)
3. Integrated Modal Analysis and Spectrum Analysis of PCB Subassembly Dynamic Responses
J. Luan, T.Y. Tee, STMicroelectronics (Singapore)
4. Fatigue Life Prediction Models for Lead-free BGA packages and Modules
H. S. Ng, K.Y. Goh, T.Y. Tee, STMicroelectronics (Singapore)

FB2: Materials

1. New Sintering Method for LTCC
Y.-B. Sun, J. -H. Ahn, Kyonggi University (Korea)
2. Fabrication of Photo Patternable Composite Sheet and High Aspect Ratio Forming
Y. Kamata, F. Uchikoba, Nihon University (Japan)
3. A Study on the RuO2 System Pb-free Thick Film Resistors
N. Kato, I. Kaneko, M. Akiya, Musashi Institute of Technology, T. Higuchi, T. Iwano, Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. (Japan)
4. Solvent or Alkaline? Which is in Harmony with the Environment
S. Bernhard, Huntsman Advanced Materials (Japan)

Lunch Time

FA3: Substrates / Interposer

1. LTCC Substrate with Embedded High Value Inductor for Micro DC-DC Converter
T. Mikura, K. Nakahara, K. Ikeda, K. Furukuwa, K. Onitsuka, Kyocera (Japan)
2. Development of LTCC for High Frequency Modules
S. Yamamoto, Kyocera (Japan)
3. Replica Printed Composite Sheet Using Micro Pattered Dry Film as Master Die
R. Nagashima, F. Uchikoba, Nihon University (Japan)
4. Evaluation of Inductors and Capacitors Embedded in Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic Substrates
H. Tomokage, Fukuoka University, W. Choi, Fukuoka Industry, Science and Technology Foundation, H. Onaga, S. Ono, Fukuoka University, S. Yoshida, Saga Electronics (Japan)
               (Break 10minuts)
5. Impulse Breakdown Characteristics between Printed Wires on a Printed Circuit Board
M. Kando, Tokai University (Japan)
6. Observation of Filled Via Fabrication Mechanism by Analyzing Micro Via Feature
T. Haze, Samsung Electro - Mechanics (Korea)
7. A Study on High-frequency Properties of Via-Holes in Organic Substrates
Y. Shimada, Hitachi Chemical (Japan)

FB3: Reliability II

1. Finland Evaluation of Lead-free Solder Joint Reliability using X-ray Equipment
S. Honko, Tampere University of Technology, T. Wahlman, Western Finland Educational Training Center, Paavo Jalonen, Satakunta Polytechnic, J. Maattanen, Tampere University of Technology (Finland)
2. Measurement of Radiated Near Magnetic Field from Resistors Mounted on PCB
A. Ito, T. Kasuga, Akita University, A. Ohisi, Alpha Electronics, H. Inoue, Akita University (Japan)
3. Evaluation of ILD Cracks and Development of Non-damage Probing
J. Yorita, T. Haga. Y. Hirata, S. Shimada, Sumitomo Electric Industries (Japan)
4. Space Charge Observation of Insulating Materials for Printed Circuit Boards
K. Fukunaga, K. Okamoto, T. Maeno, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (Japan)
               (Break 10minuts)
5. Vectorless Open Pin Detection Method for Logic Circuits
M. Hashizume, M. Ichimiya, H. Yotsuyanagi, T. Tamesada, The University of Tokushima (Japan)
6. Imprint Patterned Substrates for Ultra-Fine Pitch Flip Chip
C.E. Bauer, TechLead, C. Davidson, Dimensional Circuits (USA)
7. Influence of Chemical Structure on Polyimide Ultra-thin Film
Y. Chiao, C.-L. Chung, S.-L. Fu, I-Shou University (Taiwan)