International Conference on Electronics Packaging


ICEP 2006
 International Conference on Electronics Packaging
April 19-21, 2006
 Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Tokyo, Japan


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  Welcome to ICEP 2005

     The organizing committee and I welcome your particpation in the ICEP2006, the conference on the JISSO at Shinagawa Prince Hotel in a redevelopmentregion in Tokyo. Shinagawa is in a very convenient location for many traffic kinds of access such as the Shinkansen, electric trains or from Haneda Airport. In Tokyo, you can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring breeze in the areas near the Imperial Palace, Hibiya and Ueno Park.

    ICEP2006 is designed in order to get the maximum opportunity to obtain various knowledge of the trend of the JISSO. The technical program is constituted to provide trend core session s of the manufacturing technologies like the most Advanced Embedded Devices, Low Temperature Bonding, High frequency package, LTCC, MEMS and so on. We have to package more refined microwave circuits and also Opto-electronics. Therefore cooperation of engineers in wider fields will be required. A poster session of student is being set up to attract young people to the JISSO through the experience so, though the number of exhibitions ma be small.

    Do you know the worldwide famous area Akihabara ? Application products fabricated using the JISSO technology by your friends are on display at enormous shopping mall around Akihabara station (12 min. from Shinagawa station). I am sure that you will be glad to see the Digital cameras Cellular phones with camera, Digital TVs and White Goods. I recommend you to visit Akihabara.

    In closing, I invite everyone to attend this conference. We are sure that the return to your investment of time and money spent by attending this conference will exceed your expectation. Take time to learn from technical experts, and hear about resources to help you succeed. Come and join us. I look forward to many highly interactive discussions during our three days in Tokyo.

Ikuo Kaneko
ICEP 2006
General Chairperson

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