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April 16, Friday


FA1: Interconnection

Chairperson: K. Hashimoto (Fujitsu Laboratory)
                    M. Tsukamoto (The University of Tokyo)
1. LCP / Cu Lamination by the Surface Activated Bonding (SAB)
K. Nanbu, Toyo Kohan / Japan
2. Novel Material System Solution for Fine Pitch Non-metallurgical Flip Chip Interconnections
N. Tanaka, Hitachi, A. Nagai, M. Yasuda, Hitachi Chemical / Japan
3. Interconnection Sheet for Ultra High Pin Counts Applications
T. Ochiai, K. Miwa, K. Taguchi, NGK Insulators / Japan
4. Resin Encapsulated Flex Interconnection
K. Kawate, Sumitomo 3M / Japan
5. Low Temperature Flip Chip Attachment for Flexible Display Applications
B. Vandecasteele, IMEC, J. Maattanen, Elcoteq Network / Finland,
T. Podprocky, J. Vanfleteren, IMEC / Belgium
6. Development of Void Decrease Process in BGA/CSP Mounting
M. Takesue, Fujitsu / Japan

FB1: Highspeed Board Design

Chairperson: P. Collander (Poltronic)
                    S. Hiura (Toshiba)
1. Design for Enhanced Board Level Solder Joint Reliability of Very High Pin Count FCBGA Package
H.S. Ng, M. Lim, T.Y. Tee, STMicroelectronics / Singapore
2. Electrical Modeling of FC-BGA for High Speed Package Applications
M.-K. Chen, C.-C. Tai, National Cheng Kung University, 
Y.-J. Huang, S.-L. Fu, I-Shou University / Taiwan
3. A Simulation Methodology and Design Practice for High Speed Parallel Bus Considering SSN
N. Takahashi, S. Suminaga, IBM Japan / Japan
4. Compact Vertical Transitions for High-speed Printed Circuit Boards
T. Kushta, K. Narita, T. Saeki, H. Tohya, NEC / Japan
5. Improvement of LAN Cable for 1Gbps Ethernet with High Frequency of 300MHz
O. Koyasu, K. Ohashi, Fujikura, Y. Akiyama, K. Otsuka, Meisei University / Japan
6. Measurements of the Transmission Characteristics and the Electric Field Radiation of Various Parallel Pair Lines
T. Kasuga, E. Ohta, K. Takahashi, H. Inoue, Akita University / Japan




FA2: MEMS Packaging

Chairperson: A. Okuno (Sanyu Rec)
                    N. Hashimoto (Seiko Epson)
1. Packaging and Assembly of MEMS Devices: A Major Impediment to the Industry
A. Morita, Prismark Partners / USA
2. Aligned Room-temperature Wafer Bonding by Ar Beam Surface Activation for Wafer-scale MEMS Packaging
H. Takagi, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology / Japan
3. Novel Packaging Technology for MEMS Devices
M. Chino, T. Shimada, H. Tazawa, Misuzu Industries, 
M. Urano, H. Ishii, T. Shimamura, K. Machida, NTT / Japan
4. A Novel MEMS Optical Fiber Pressure Sensor Packaging Design
G. Wang, Y. Fu, M E Welland, H.P. Hodson, University of Cambridge, / UK, J. Ma, Tsinghua University / China
5. Dicing Technology for the Next Generation - The Stealth Dicing Technology
F. Fukuyo, Hamamatsu Photonics / Japan

FB2: Thermal Management

Chairperson: H.-S. Ng (STMicroelectronics)
                    S. Kitajo (NEC)
1. Evaluation by Simulation of the Aging State of a Thyristor System Used in a Power Plant
A. Guedon-Gracia, E. Woirgard, C. Zardini, Universite Bordeaux I, 
G. Simon, EDF R&D site les Renardieres / France
2. Wick Structure Effect on the Performance of Vapor Chambers
C.-W. Lin, J.-C. Shyu, L.-K. Yeh, S.-W. Chen, C.-T. Chou, M.-J. Tsai, 
Industry Technology Research Institute / Taiwan
3. Thermal Fatigue Life Prediction of Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu Solder Joint by Modified Coffin-Manson Equation
M. Yamabe, Toshiba / Japan
4. Thermal Performance of Stacked CSPs
G. Gray, S. Krishnan, I. Osorio, Tessera / USA
5. Comparative Study of Thermally Conductive Fillers in Underfills
W.-S. Lee, J. Yu, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,  T.Y. Lee, Hanbat University / Korea




FA3: System in Package

Chairperson: S.-L. Fu (I-Shou University)
                    Y. Kodama (Kyocera SLC Technologies)
1. First Single Module Demonstration of SOP with Digital, Optical and RF for Last Mile Broadband Applications
V. Sundaram, R.R. Tummala, Georgia Institute of Technology / USA
2. Development of a New Interposer Including Embedded Film Passive Components
K. Nakamura, T. Mori, K. Nakayama, M. Yamaguchi, M. Akazawa, 
S. Kuramochi, A. Takano, Dai Nippon Printing, Y. Fukuoka, Weisti / Japan
3. FCBGA Type High Speed SIP using Ultra Fine Pitch Interposer
H. Matsuki, T. Okamoto, M. Ikumo, S. Tiba, N. Saito, A. Miyota, 
E. Watanabe, Fujitsu / Japan
4. Polymeric Carbon Embedded Resistors in Multilayer Printed Wiring Boards
K. Perala, T. Rapala-Virtanen, Aspocomp Group, T. Uusluoto, 
A. Tuominen, Tampere University of Technology / Finland
5. An Alternative Method for Organic Substrate for Use in High Density Miniaturized Electronic Assembly
P. Jalonen, Satakunta Polytechnic / Finland
6. New Approaches to 3-D Interconnection Systems in Package Applications
C. Val, 3D Plus / France

FB3: Lead Free

Chairperson: G. Gray (Tessera)
                    K. Tsunoi (Fujitsu)
1. Development of New Fluxless Reflow Soldering Process by Hydrogen Radical
T. Nakamori, Kumamoto University / Japan
2. Effect of Aging on the Interfacial Reaction of BGA Sn-Ag-Cu and Sn-Ag Solders with Ni(P)/Au Surface Finish on Pad
A. Sharif, Y.C. Chan, City University of Hong Kong / Hong Kong
3. Comparative Study of Lead Free Solder with Electrolytic Ni and Electroless NiP Layer during Long Time Reflow on BGA Packages
M.N. Islam, Y.C. Chan, City University of Hong Kong / Hong Kong
4. Analysis on the Surface Oxide Film and the Reliability of Bumps Used for Flip Chip Bonding
Y. Liu, J. Ma, G. Chen, Q. Li, Tsinghua University / China
5. Comparison of Wire Bondability on Rigid and Flexible Substrates
Y.H.Chan, J.-K. Kim, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, D. Liu, P.C.K. Liu, Y.M. Cheung, M.W. Ng, ASM Assembly Automation / Hong Kong


January 13, 2004