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April 14, Wednesday


WA1: Advanced Packaging

Chairperson: R. Aschenbrenner (IZM) 
                    H. Nishida (International Display Technology)
1. Ambient Intelligence and Embedded Electronics (Session Invite)
P. Collander, Poltronic / Finland
2. Unique Semiconductor Packages Developed in Japan (Session Invite)
S. Denda, Y. Tezuka, Y. Nishioka, K. Iijima, Nagano Prefectural Institute of Technology / Japan
3. Integrated Modeling and Testing of Fine-pitch CSP under Board Level Drop Test, Bend Test, and Thermal Cycling Test
T.Y. Tee, J. Luan, H.S. Ng, D. Yap, STMicroelectronics / Singapore, K. Loh, Zymet / USA, E. Pek, C.T. Lim, National University of Singapore, Z. Zhong, Nanyang Technological University / Singapore
4. Reliability of an Ultra-high-density 3-dimensional-stacked Package "FFCSP"
Y. Sogawa, T. Yamazaki, I. Hazeyama, S. Kitajo, NEC, R. Yoshino, 
K. Kata, NEC Electronics / Japan
5. A Control Circuit for Reconstruction of Wafer Scale Integrated Circuit
A. Kanasugi, Tokyo Denki University / Japan
6. Study on a Fast Prototyping of Chip-On-Film(COF) by Using of AuSu Eutectic Bonding
T.C. Chau, Solomon Systech, Y.C. Chan, City University of Hong Kong, W.C. Lai, Y.F. Ho, K.W. Leung, Solomon Systech / Hong Kong
7. Comprehensive Process Warpage Analysis of Matrix Stacked Die BGA
X. Zhang, T.Y. Tee, STMicroelectronics / Singapore

WB1: Materials I

Chairperson: M. Otsuka (Shibaura Institute of Technology) 
                    Y. Hatanaka (Mitsubishi Electric)
1. Fabrication of Metal Green Sheets and their Application (Session Invite)
F. Uchikoba, Nihon University / Japan
2. Ag-Sn Alloys as Conductive Fillers in ICAs
Y. Shirai, Namics, K. Suganuma, Osaka University, N. Mizumura, Namics / Japan
3. High Strength Alumina Ceramic Material for Surface Mount Packages
M. Izumi, T. Hasegawa, S. Yamada, M. Kokubu, Kyocera / Japan
4. UBM Formation Using Improved Double Zincating Process 
S. Kawashima, Meltex / Japan
5. Is the Residual Silicone Fatal to Semiconductor Packaging? 
K. Nagamoto, Lintec / Japan
6. Black Solder Resist Issue in Manufacturing Printed Circuit Board for Flash Memory Card 
K.-S. Lee, K.-Y. Kim, K.-H. Lim, D.-G. Yang, B.-H. Rhee, Samsung Electro- Mechanics / Korea
7. UV Curing and Electrical Characterization of Chip on Flex for Smart Card Applications 
B. Y. Ma, City University of Hong Kong, C. F. Luk, Optimal Technology, Y. C. Chan, City University of Hong Kong / Hong Kong









Chairperson: Y. Fukuoka (Weisti)
I. Watanabe (Hitachi Chemical)
1. It is a Small World- the Nano Science and Technology in Electronic Packaging
Prof. C. P. Wong, Georgia Institute of Technology / USA
2. New and Emerging Technologies for System Integration
Dr. R. Aschenbrenner,  IZM / Germany
3. Electronics Packaging Considerations for Space Applications
Mr. P. Zulueta,  President of IMAPS / USA





The Harbor Circus
Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort, 3F



January 15, 2004