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April 15, Thursday


TA1: Substrate / Interposer I

Chairperson: E. Zakel (Pac Teck) 
                    S. Uegaki (Kyocera)
1. Surface Treatment of a Photo Sensitive Insulation Layer for a Robust Build up Printed Circuit Board
T. Yabuuchi, Kyocera SLC Technologies / Japan
2. High Frequency Properties of the MLTS
K. Nakase, J. Sakai, T. Shimoto, H. Inoue, NEC / Japan
3. Development of Buried Bump Interconnection Technology with  Embedded Passive Devices
S. Shibasaki, T. Serizawa, T. Kihara, Dai Nippon Printing, 
K. Sasaoka, N. Morioka, D. T. Circuit Technology, Y. Yamaguchi, 
K. Shinozaki, Dai Nippon Printing, Y. Fukuoka, Worldwide Electronic Integrated Substrate Technology / Japan
4. Green Sheet for Photolithography
F. Uchikoba, Nihon University / Japan
5. Fabrication Process and Characterization of the OSP(Organic Solderability Preservatives) Finished CSP Substrate for Mobile Applications
H.S. Lee, C.H. Kim, Y.H. Shin, B.H. Rhee, Samsung Electro-
Mechanics / Korea
6. Development of Dynamic Test Board in Numerical and Experimental Investigation
H.T. Yang, Intel Technology / Malaysia

TB1: Materials II

Chairperson: B. Vandecasteele (IMEC) 
                     I. Kaneko (Musashi Institute of Technology)
1. Self-Organized ACP Interconnection Using Wetting Property of Fusible Fillers (Session Invite)
K. Yasuda, Osaka University / Japan
2. Development of Ecological Membrane Switch
K. Ishida, Fujikura / Japan
3. Implementation of Skip-Cure Die Attach Paste on Wire Bonding Process
Y. Uematsu, Hinkle Loctite / USA
4. Organic Spacers in Die Attach Pastes for Bondline Contorol in Semiconductor Packages
C. Perabo, C. Cottonaro, Henkel Loctite, P. Stoessel, ESEC USA / USA
5. High Thermal Conductivity Materials: Synthesis of AlN and Its  Applications in Substrates and EMC
C.-N. Lin, C.-Y. Hsieh, C.-W. Chang, S.-L. Chung, National Cheng Kung University / Taiwan
6. The New Integrated Microelectronic Intelligent Lighting System Based on the Hybrids Controllers
J. Gondek, Private Institute of Electronic Engineering, 
S. Kordowiak, Cracow University of Technology, 
J. Kocol., Technical School of Telecommunication / Poland




TA2: Substrate / Interposer II

Chairperson: P. Jalonen (Satakunta Polytechnic)
                    F. Uchikoba (Nihon University)
1. New Process of Manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards Using  Electrophotography Technology
N. Yamaguchi, Toshiba / Japan
2. Combining Power and Microelectronic Circuits on One Single Substrate
J. Schulz-Harder, Curamik Electronics / Germany
3. Improvement of Interfacial Adhesion of Polyimide/Epoxy Using Plasma Treatment for High Performance Flexible Printed Circuit
B.Y. Myung, Y.P. Park, D.J. Yang, B.H. Rhee, Samsung Electro-Mechanics / Korea
4. Electrical Properties of TaN-Cu Nanocomposite Thin Films
J.H. Hsieh, C.M. Wang, C. Li, Y.Q. Fu, Nanyang Technological University / Singapor
5. The Advantage of Fine Finger Pitch PBGA Substrate
D. Chang, Y.P. Wang, C.S. Hsiao, Siliconware Precision Industries / Taiwan
6. New Multi-layer Manufacturing Techniques for High Density, High Performance Printed Circuit Boards
T. Kim, Samsung Electro-Mechanics / Korea

TB2: Reliability & Test

Chairperson: C. Zardini (Universite Bordeaux I)
                    H. Hozoji (Hitachi)
1. Study and Applications of the Low  Temperature Lead-free Soldering (Session Invite)
J. Ma, Tsinghua University / China
2. Probing CSP's: Not Front End, Not Back End
T.Q. Collier, CV / USA
3. Understanding Probing on Package Performance Front-Back Issues
T.Q. Collier, CV / USA
4. Effect of Moisture Absorption on Reliability of ACF Interconnects between FPC and Glass Substrates
M. Inou, T. Miyamoto, K. Suganuma, Osaka University / Japan
5. AC Electric Field for Detecting Pin Opens by Supply Current of CMOS ICs
M. Takagi, Takuma National College of Technology, 
M. Hashizume, M. Ichimiya, The University of Tokushima , 
I. Tsukimoto, Takuma National College of Technology, 
H. Yotsuyanagi, T. Tamesada, The University of Tokushima / Japan
6. Evaluation of Residual Stress in Resin Molding IC Chips Using FEM
M. Koganemaru, Fukuoka Industrial Technology Center / Japan




TA3: Optoelectronics

Chairperson: S. Priyadarshi (Luminent)
                    S. Yoshida (Tokyo Institute, Polytechnic University)
1. Opto-electronic Chip-on-film Packaging Technology Using Fluorinated Polyimide Optical Waveguide Films
M. Usui, S. Ishibashi, H. Hirata, S. Ishizawa, N. Koshoubu, T. Hayashi, S. Ohki, NTT / Japan
2. Novel Polyimide Waveguide Fabricated by the Femtosecond Laser Pulses
F. Sezaki, K. Namura, Kaneka, K. Kamada, K. Kintaka, J. Nishii, 
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology / Japan
3. Improvement of Interfacial Adhesion of Al/Cr Films Deposited on Indium Tin Oxide Coated Glasses by Interfacial Oxidation
T.-M. Wu, J.-Z. Tong, National Chung Hsing University, 
J.-H.J. Hsieh, Nanyang Technological University, Y. S. Yang, Metal Industries Research and Development Center / Taiwan

TB3: Flip Chip

Chairperson: E. J. Vardaman (TechSearch)
                    T. Satoh (Sharp)
1. Low Cost Electroless Bumping for Ultra Fine Pitch Application in 8" and 12" Wafers (Session Invite)
E. Zakel, Pac Tech / Germany
2. Capillary Chip Connection (C3); Low Cost Flip Chip Solution? (Session Invite)
C.E. Bauer, TechLead / USA, A. Taran, Microelectronic Assembly Innovations / Russia
3. Processing and Electrical Property Studies of Conductive Adhesives Filled with Metallic Particles and the Effect of the Additions of Nano-sized Metallic Particles
L.-C. Chen, H.-W. Chiang, C.-L. Chung, S.-L. Fu, I-Shou University / Taiwan
4. Plastic Flip-chip MMIC Package for Millimeter-wave Application
S. Masuda, Fujitsu Laboratories, H. Kira, M. Kitajima, Fujitsu / Japan
5. Improvements of a Board Level Reliability of the W-CSP with Lead Free Solder Using Stress Analysis
S. Tanaka, Seiko EPSON / Japan
6. Failure Mode Analysis by Non-destructive Evaluation and EBSP Technique
K. Ueno, Kobelco Research Institute / Japan



TA4: Business / Trends

Chairperson: C. Bauer (TechLead)
                    K. Hashimoto (Fujitsu Laboratories)
1. Packaging Technology & Market Trends in Taiwan
S. L. Fu, I Shou University / Taiwan
2. Microelectronics Industry Management Strategies; an Updated EU Perspective
A. Gandelli, Politecnico di Milano / Italy
3. Strengthening the Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain
R. Pfahl, J. McElroy, NEMI / USA

January 13, 2004