International Conference on Electronics Packaging


2004 ICEP
 (International Conference on Electronics Packaging)
April 14-16, 2004
 Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort, Tokyo, Japan (Tennoz Isle)

“Nanotechnology Coming up”

Welcome to
2004 ICEP
   On behalf of the Conference Organizing Committee, I cordially welcome you to 2004 International Conference on  Electronics Packaging (ICEP) which is jointly sponsored by IEEE CPMT (Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology) Society Japan and IMAPS Japan (International Microelectronics and Packaging Society Japan) / JIEP (Japan Institute of  Electronics Packaging). It is a valuable opportunity to enrich your research and development activities or professional skills with the latest information. Looking back to last year, 2003 ICEP was significantly influenced by SARS and the Iraq War. However, the conference was successful thanks to the vital assistance extended by many participants to the organizing committee and technical program committee. For example, some chaired sessions or acted as speakers in lieu of participants who unexpectedly cancelled. I greatly appreciate the assistance and efforts that were so forthcoming from numerous participants, especially those from overseas. I earnestly hope that 2004 ICEP will run smoothly without any adverse influences.
   There is growing recognition that nanotechnology is destined to have a tremendous impact in scientific and technological fields. At the conference, one of our invited speakers will address the subject of nanotechnology. Several presentations in other sessions also concern nanotechnology. The catchphrase of 2004 ICEP is “Nanotechnology Coming up”. In addition, we will illuminate new approaches to integration of the currently diverse microelectronics packaging technologies, through a series of thirteen sessions: Advanced Packaging, Reliability and Test, Substrates/Interposer, Optoelectronics, Interconnection, Materials, Thermal Management, MEMS Packaging, Lead free, Flip-chip, High Speed Board Design, System in Package and Business/Trend. The Business/Trends session will also provide you with useful information on the industry. 2004 ICEP will be a golden opportunity for all of us to look into the future of packaging technology and the associated business developments.
   In addition to the conference, the Microelectronics Show held at Tokyo Ryutsu Center will keep you abreast of the latest developments in materials, equipment and commercialized technologies in your field of interest. I urge you to tour the exhibition and ask any questions you may have concerning products or technologies.
   I would like to express my gratitude to the members of the Organizing Committee who have all worked so hard to ensure this conference is a resounding success. It will be a valuable opportunity you won't want to miss. See you at Tennoz Isle in Tokyo!

Yoshitaka Fukuoka
General Chairperson

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Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort


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