Technical Outstanding Paper Award

"Three-Dimensional Integration Technology of Separate SOI Layers for Photodetectors and Signal Processors of CMOS Image Sensors"
Masahide Goto1, Kei Hagiwara1, Yuki Honda1, Masakazu Nanba1, Yoshinori Iguchi1, Takuya Saraya2, Masaharu Kobayashi2, Eiji Higurashi2, Hiroshi Toshiyoshi2, Toshiro Hiramoto2, 1NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories, 2The University of Tokyo / Japan

"Thermal Characterization of Capacitors"
Zoltan Sarkany1,2, Gabor Farkas1,2, Marta Rencz1,2, 1Mentor Graphics, 2Budapest University of Technology and Economics / Hungary

* This award will be given to gives to superior and outstanding papers.

IEEE CPMT Japan Chapter Young Award

"Ultra Low Loss Build-up Film for Fine Pitch Applications"
Aya Kasahara, Hitachi Chemical / Japan

"Morphological Evolution Induced by Volume Shrinkage in Micro Joints"
H. W. Yang, National Taiwan University / Taiwan

"Bonding of Copper Pillars Using Electroless Ni Plating"
Sean Yang, National Taiwan University / Taiwan

* This award will be given to young scientists and engineers who are younger than 35 years old on December 31 of the presentation year. The award recipient must be a member of IEEE and CPMT at the time the award is received

JIEP Poster Award

"Through Mold Via (TMV) by Gas-Aided Laser"
Hsiang-Chen Hsu1, Shih-Jeh Wu1, Wen-Fei Lin1, Chi-Shiung Hsi1, Hsing-Yi Pao2, Pin-Ching Wang1, 1I-shou University, 2National United University / Taiwan)

*This award will be given to exellent poster.