Excuision Tour (optional)

7:20               Departure from Takinoyu Hotel
9:00 - 9:50     Kamo Jellyfish Aquarium
10:50 - 11:50 Visit to Five-storied Pagoda
12:30 - 13:30 Mogami River Boat Ride
14:40 - 15:40 Visit to Ginzan Hot Spring
16:40             Arrival at Yamagata Airport
17:00             Arrival at Takinoyu Hotel
17:10             Arrival at Tendo Station

Please bring your baggage to the excursion if you plan to have a flight from Yamagata Airport on the evening of Apr 22.
Lunch during Mogami River cruise is included in the tour charge.

Kamo Jellyfish Aquarium
Kamo Aquarium is focusing on creatures treated lightly at its rival facilities – jellyfish, having the world′s largest collection of jellyfish on display. It regularly shows over 50 kinds of jellyfish. In 2012, Guinness World Records recognized that the aquarium has the greatest number of jellyfish species in its exhibit. One of the key features at the aquarium is a large jellyfish tank with a diameter of 5 meters. Jellyfishes are very primitive creature, said that have originated 600 million years ago, and it has been elucidated that the beauty in drifting motion has healing-effect. You will be strongly attracted to and fascinated by fantastic jellyfish floating in the water.

Mt. Haguro Area
Since ancient times in Japan, mountains, rivers, trees, stones, and animals were considered deities. Mountains and rivers were also thought to be the dwelling places of gods, or the creation of the gods. It was also believed that humans receive their souls from the mountains in which deities dwell, are born into this world, and return to the mountains again.
Five-storied Pagoda
The wooden pagoda, 29m tall, has a shingled roof and beautiful, long eaves reminiscent of a swan taking flight. The towering construction presents a stunning sight throughout the seasons. It is said to have been built by Taira no Masakado, a military commander, and was restored in 1608 by Yoshiaki Mogami, the wealthy feudal lord of the Yamagata Domain in Dewa Province. It is the only five-storied pagoda designated a national treasure in the northeastern region. (source: Haguro Tourist Association)  

Mogami River Boat Ride
The Mogami River, 229 km long running through Yamagata Prefecture, is loved by the local people as a ″mother river,″ offering them rich and various gifts each season. On the other hand, Mogami River is said to be one of the three fastest running rivers in Japan. During the cruise, you float down the river for approximately one hour, while listening to songs sung by a boatman. One of the best sceneries along the river would have to be that of the Mogami Valley, which you can enjoy from the boat on a Mogami River cruise.

Ginzan Hot Spring
Ginzan Hot spring has a history stretching more than 500 years. In the town, there are a few communal baths surrounded by a number of ″Onsen-ryokan″, with souvenir shops and restaurants around them. With wooden buildings of ″Onsen-ryokan″ preserving the architecture and spirit of the Taisho, the early Showa Era, you will feel comfortable when you take a stroll along Ginzan river.