ICEP-IAAC2018 and Welcome reception will take place in Hotel Hanamizuki in Kuwana, Mie.
Hotel Hanamizuki is located in Nagashima Resort.

333 Urayasu, Nagashima-cyo, Kuwana-shi, Mie 511-1192


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From Kuwana Station (JR Central Kansai Line/Kintetsu Nagoya Line)

By bus
Take bus No. 53, 54 or 55 at Kuwana Station East Exit Bus terminal No.2 for "Nagashima onsen" and get off at the last stop "Nagashima onsen".
Transfer to a connecting free-shuttle bus and get off at "Hotel Hanamizuki" bus stop.

Bus timetable   Bus timetable download

Free chartered buses from Kunawa station to Hotel Hanamizuki marked in red (only 50 persons in order of arrival) They depart at Kuwana Sta. East Exit Bus terminal No.0.

Extra buses will be operated between "Kuwana Station" and  "Nagashima onsen".
The buses for "Nagashima onsen" depart at Kuwana Sta. East Exit Bus terminal No.0.
17th leaving "Kuwana Station" at 12:50,  leaving "Nagashima onsen" at 20:05
18th leaving "Kuwana Station" at 9:25,  leaving "Nagashima onsen" at 20:45
19th leaving "Kuwana Station" at 8:25,  leaving "Nagashima onsen" at 18:05
20th leaving "Kuwana Station" at 8:25

By taxi
Please say "Hotel Hanamizuki" to the taxi driver.