Abstract Submission and Deadline

The abstract submission deadline is October 31, 2019.
November 10, 2019.

In an effort to improve the conference quality, we would like to ask you to prepare an abstract using the attached template to help us better evaluate your submission. The abstract should contain about 1 page of text and 1 page for supporting figures and tables, with a total length of 2 pages at maximum.
Figures and tables to support the point of the paper will receive positive considerations. Technical experts assigned by the conference technical committee will review your abstract, and their comments will be used in the selection process. Your abstract will be used for review purpose only and will not be included in the conference proceeding.

Thank you very much for your contribution!

Abstract Template click here

Call for Papers English ver.

Registration Fees

Member of JIEP / IEEE / IMAPS: 45,000 JPY (including reception and the proceedings)
Non Member: 60,000 JPY (including reception and the proceedings)
Students: 20,000 JPY (including reception and the proceedings)

Major Topics

Advanced Packaging
 -2.5/3D, TSV/TGV
 -Fan-out/in packaging
 -Wafer/panel level packaging
 -Automotive and IoT applications
 -High performance computing
 -Heterogeneous integration technologies
 -Other related technologies
Design, Modeling, and Reliability
 -2.5/3D, TSV/TGV, WCSP, Fan-out/in
 -Advanced reliability evaluation (PDfR etc.)
 -High performance board design
 -Novel test methods and life models (LCA, TCAD etc.)
 -Other related technologies
Emerging Technologies
 -Health/medical care and cosmetics devices
 -Stretchable/flexible electronics
 -Sensor and MEMS/NEMS/MOEMS packaging
 -Batteries and eco-friendly devices
 -Advanced MEMS/NEMS/MOEMS technologies
 -Other related technologies
High-Speed, Wireless & Components
 -3D-printed components
 -Antennas, RFs, and sensor modules
 -Highspeed applications (5G, LTE etc.)
 -Automotive and IoT applications
 -Other related technologies
Thermal Management
 -Advanced cooling technologies
 -Thermal management structures (heat sinks, pipes etc.)
 -Simulation, measurement, and evaluation methods
 -Other related technologies
 -Interconnection methods (flip-chip, wire-bonding etc.)
 -2.5/3D, TSV/TGV, fan-out/in interconnections
 -Embedded systems
 -Power electronics interconnections
 -Bio/medical and eco-friendly devices
 -Other related technologies
Materials and Processes
 -Homo/heterogeneous bonding/assembly
 -Substrates, interposers and panels
 -Metallic materials & processes (plating, soldering etc.)
 -Organic semiconductors (OLED, OFET, OPV etc.)
 -Power electronic/battery materials & processes
 -Optoelectronic materials & processes
 -Additive manufacturing (compound, paste, 3D printing etc.)
 -Other related technologies
 -3D/silicon photonics technologies
 -Optical connectors, waveguides, & transceivers
 -Device fabrication (LED, laser, sensor etc.)
 -Mid/on- board module fabrication
 -Optical wafer/chip-scale packaging
 -Other related technologies
Power Electronics
 -Power device and module fabrication (HEMT,diode, IPM etc.)
 -Advanced Inverter & converter
 -Super capacitor
 -Harsh environment tolerant device & module
 -Si-based MOSFET, BJT, IGBT
 -Other relating technologies
Other Upcoming Technologies
 -New system concept & design
 -Any other topics related to ICEP scope